Cant send multiple entries to the new laptop list

----- Forwarded message from Qubes OS Forum -----

The message above included the following (got hidden):

@unman this is standard behavior to prevent spam. It also makes it a bit cumbersome on the forum because each message has lots of extra information (like poster, date, etc.).

Maybe you can mention multiple devices on the same message.

That makes it more difficult for Sven to pick out responses to
particular machines, doesn’t it? @Sven ?

Yes it does. Is there a way to ease those restrictions on members with a
higher trust level and then make sure @unman has that trust level?

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I don’t want this to slow anything down or be a burden to you @unman.

I just started the same thread on qubes-users, please feel free to reply
there and I will merge results from the list and the forum together.

It was a regrettable oversight to not include qubes-users in the first


Only as a global option, I’m afraid