Can't make avahi-discover works

Hi, I want to be able to scan my network using avahi. I can’t make it work. I figured out how to run the demon and install most of avahi tools. But every one of them not displaying anything even when qube in which I run avahi is directly connected to sys-net.

I found somwhare that avahi is disabled on purpose - since zerconf is a security issue by design. But there isn’t any way to enable it in untrusted qube just to be able to scan IOT devices in the network? Or only way is to connect to my RasPi and run avahi-discover and simmilar scans there?

I cant recommend it, but if you must…
Avahi works because machines broadcast details of the services they are
running, and the avahi client listens out for those details.
To get this working you will have to enable the firewall on your qube to
accept incoming avahi traffic (usually UDP 5353) and route traffic
to that qube from sys-net. (Covered in Firewall | Qubes OS)

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