Can't Install The RTL8812AU driver

Hello everyone I can’t really install this on qube os i tried everything but failed can any one show me how can install it on the sys-net ?

Can you maybe tell us more about what you tried and how it failed?

Did you install the driver in the corresponding TemplateVM? Did you try to follow this: How to install software | Qubes OS?

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Are your sys-net is disp ? if not try this,

sudo dnf -y update
sudo dnf -y install git dkms kernel-devel kernel-debug-devel
mkdir ~/rtl
cd ~/rtl
git clone
cd ~/rtl/8812au
sudo ./ [NoPrompt]

if networking still not work, set sys-net kernel to none in qubes settings,

if your sys-net is not disp vm, then install in template.


I’m using Qube Os 4.1 and im trying on GitHub/aircrack-ng/rtl8812au by
Sudo Make && Sudo make install

Sys-net is the same as sys-usb (sys-net) it’s template by fedora 32

Thank You so much Your advice work Thanks