Can I use P2P on Qubes?

Can I use P2P on qubes ?

Can I get different websites on P2P ?

Who use P2P ? And Why ?

Any P2P program which works on Linux should work on Qubes (and will be more secure).

This is not the right forum for such question, but you should find the answers in Wikipedia: Peer-to-peer - Wikipedia.

…i think you might be referring to i2p I2P Anonymous Network ?

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I think you mean to say I2P. There are some things already in the forum about that.

How is it different from whonix? (from the previous title)

These questions are not Qubes-related so I’ll ask you to take them to other forums (like or better yet search on their wiki

I’ve also renamed the title to be only about the question that is Qubes-specfic.