Can I Route All Connections Through Kodachi Using the Network in Kodachi?

My TOR connections end sometime where I don’t like.

Kodachi lets me choose exit. I can avoid country with not much free speech.

If I use “Provides Network” could I create VM with a Tor in it that offers connection to other Qube?

I think to try install this configuration will take long time. Won’t trying if won’t works.

Should it work?

I see two questions:

  1. can I choose or limit my TOR exit nodes?

  2. can I create a tor qube and use it as netvm for other qubes?

The answer to both questions is yes.

  1. You can limit TOR exit nodes or even request specific exit nodes. I
    don’t know how to do it, but I read about it being possible. Maybe
    someone else in the forum can give you a pointer. What I can tell you
    is: if you are using sys-whonix, you can right click on the tray icon
    and open a little dialog (I forgot it’s name) … there you can simply
    reset your routing and get a new exit node until you get one that you like.

  2. I can tell you how to do this using a package provided by @unman, but
    why don’t you just use sys-whonix?

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Answer to 1:
Find your torrc file, which is the config file that tor uses. Edit it , adding, for example,
ExcludeNodes {cn},{hk},{mo}
StrictNodes 1
to the end of it.
StrictNodes 1 makes tor strictly avoid those exit nodes, even if it cannot establish a circuit.
StrictNodes 0 makes tor regard those nodes as the last option, and they might be used when your tor cannot establish a circuit due to lack of nodes.

{kp} = North Korea
{ir}= Iran
{sy} = Syria
{pk} = Pakistan
{cu} = Cuba
{vn} = Vietnam
{ru} = Russia
{by} = Belarus

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I would like to do this using the package provided by @unman. There are certain aspects of the Kodachi dashboard that make it possible for me to quickly see what is going on. sys-whonix is good and I could edit it, but I don’t have the same quick visual information that Kodachi has.

So yes, please show me how to do this.

This works. I’d still like to know how to use Kodachi to provide a network just for learning.

Can you please tell how to do this?

I don’t know much like you Sven.

I don’t know anything about Kodachi.

How to create a sys-tor using @unman’s package is discussed in this thread:

I rewrite question.

I want all network to go through Kodachi.

You could set the ‘provides_network’ property on your Kodachi qube, now you have a second network interface. eth0 is where Kodachi get internet from (what you set as netvm of your qube) and the other vifxxx interface is where all other qubes connect to when you set your Kodachi qube to be their netvm.

That would literally make their traffic go through your Kodachi qube. What if any advantage that brings you is beyond me.