Can I make KeePassXC copy directly to qubes clipboard?


I just started using Qubes, and I like it so far, but some things are still beyond me. For example, I find it odd that although KeePassXC is the default password manager, it only has options to copy to the VM clipboard, which isn’t particularly useful. As it stands, I use its “copy password” button, paste into the KeePassXC search bar, so that I can select, copy to qubes clipboard, and then past the password where I actually need it. It seems I must be missing something. Is there a way to get KeePassXC to copy the password directly to the Qubes clipboard?

No - the mechanism is designed to make it relatively easy to copy/paste
between qubes, without making it trivial.
You could hack KeePassXC to provide an additional “Copy to Qubes clipboard”
option. I don’t know if this would find favour - personally I wouldn’t want it.

Right click copy password > ctrl + shift + c > move to destination vm > ctrl + shift + v > ctrl + v

you dont need to paste in the keepassxc search bar or perhaps you havent read :

I had read this, but I didn’t realize that clicking copy password also made the password available to be copied to the qubes clipboard. Thanks, this works!

To quote myself from another thread:

There’s no need to visually see the password in order to copy it into the Qubes clipboard. Once you’ve copied the password to the VM clipboard, immediately use the key sequence to copy it to the Qubes clipboard.

If the password entry is highlighted in KeePassXC, one would do:

  1. ctrl+c
  2. ctrl+shift+c
  3. [click the window of the destination vm]
  4. ctrl+shift+v
  5. ctrl+v
  6. clear the clipboard within the vm…this is one downside of the inter-vm clipboard feature - KeePassXC can’t clear the clipboard of another qube
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  1. ctrl+c
  2. ctrl+shift+c

By now I find my fingers doing the ctrl+shift+c often even though I
don’t need or intend it. :wink:


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