Typing ctrl+shift+c by mistake? You're not alone

Starting a thread for discussing this. Does it happen to other people?

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That’s when you’ll know you’re Qubes Native™.

Same here. Worse yet is when you’re on a browser on a non-qubes system, you hit ctrl+c and it annoyingly opens the browser console.

Na i’m not, i sometimes forgot ctrl+shift+c often :rofl:

For me it was into the second year of using Qubes daily that this started happening, I think.

Happens all the time…
Not so cool side effects:

  1. on KeePass for Windows this seems to toggle the “reveal password” option.
    I should probably just switch that one to KeePassXC or something.

  2. Sometimes I want to copy stuff just inside one VM, e.g., from a terminal window into a text editor. Most of the time the clipboard content “accidentally” ends up in dom0. This one is not really security critical because after all, it doesn’t get more trusted than dom0.
    As long as I don’t start randomly hitting Ctrl+Shift+V in VM Windows I’ll stay safe.

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FYI the keyboard shortcut can be changed:

“Shortcut configuration” in Copying and pasting text between qubes | Qubes OS

guid.conf file with comments showing how to change:

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