Can I import a prebuilt (.ova) vm image into qubes

Good evening everyone,
I was wondering if I could import a .ova file from Virtualbox into my Qubes? I have put a lot of time into this VM build in Virtualbox which is a masterpiece by my standards (apps,tools and such). My thinking is…
1.) Copy this (.ova) image to USB
2.) Connect Said USB to my Qubes. Make sure Qubes see’s USB
3.) Then “what or how” could I do this “import/copy” .ova into Qubes so I could “run/use” it?

This .ova Virtualbox image is based off of debian 10 (busta)…
Thank you for your time and help

This exact question is addressed in the docs. Always looks there first :wink:

Even if you technically can do this, I would recommend to re implement it instead, as Qubes Templates (should) contain a lot of qubes related stuff inside…

Importing should be used for stand alone VMs only, but a Template based one is much-much more practical under Qubes.

just my 2 cents.

True. I’d suggest migrating completely as well. Specifically here are some of the disadvantages of installing a non-native VM that you would miss:

  • security-wise
    you’ll be running that qube in the HVM virtualization mode which the docs state has security disadvantages compared to standard qubes VMs (which run in PHV mode)

  • convenience-wise
    You’ll be missing on automated updates (through Qubes Updates); you’ll be seeing the desktop of that VM instead of a seamless experience where the windows integrate well with everything else, etc.

Instaling a VM from .ova as a Standalone HVM should only be considered as the last resort.

Thanks everyone, yes I was reading the documents after posting this question.
I will be rebuilding this inside of Qubes once I get it going. Plus it never crossed my mind until after reviewing the docs about “security” risk it could cause.

Thank you guys

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Read this: