Brother Printer wont print anything

hi, been using qubes for a while and have set up multiple printer before mostly dymo. i upgraded to a brother ql1100 and i am trying to connect it but it won’t print anything.

I have a template including all my linux drivers for this specific printer and followed brother instructions off the site and i have a appvm based off this template and i connect the printer via system-config-printer and it shows its connected with a tick. I set my label template up and when i click print it shows the ‘job’ in the corner for a split second and then it dissapears and nothing happens.

I feel i am missing something really simple here and its frustrating the life out of me. I have set previous printers up no problem but this one is really causing me bother

Very grateful for any help

Have you tried maybe setting the “generic - color” driver for your printer? Printing usually works correctly on this driver.

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