Better Understanding Template Cloning

So i want to “clone” a template doesn’t matter which template i use. So i have a few questions…

-Is a “cloned” template independent of it’s parent?
So if i update or install app’s into the parent template, it will not effect the “cloned” one and vice versea?

-If said “cloned” template gets infected or corrupted will it effect the parent template it came from?

-When building,installing app’s in to said “cloned” template and then i create a qube from this template. Why is it that i don’t see some app’s, folders in home dir i created or installed into the clone come over to this qube i built from it?

These are great questions.

A cloned template is independent of the parent. What you do in one will
not affect the other.

A corrupted template will not affect the parent. That’s why many users
will clone the basic (e.g) debian-10, and install software and
configuration in to the clone.
If anything goes wrong you can always step back to the original, clone
it again, and try again.

qubes inherit /home/user from /etc/skel in the template, not from
/home/user in the template. This only works if you create a qube - it
wont work if the qube already exists and you change to use a new
So if you want folders to appear in the home directory you need to
create them in /etc/skel in the template, then create the qube.

If you mean that some apps don’t seem to appear in the qube, look
here for some tips.
It may be that the app is there but shortcuts have not been created.

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Thank you very much unman. This helps alot!!!

Did all my updates/upgrades to everything and now doing FULL backup right now, just to have and before i go forward with buildouts…
Full backupTakes me around 1hr and 75gb’s…

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Make sure to test that your backups actually work! A corrupted backup is useless. The Qubes docs say how to verify the integrity of your backups.


(made the title a bit more specific)

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