Best way to install/Update Flatpak packages?

As far as I can tell, there is no helper yet for Flatpak packages.

With that in mind, hows the best way to install/use them, and keep them up to date?

A) Make a separate template for Flatpaks. Make a separate VM for Flatpaks. Install in the template.
B) Use a standard template. Install the Flatpaks in their own VM.
C). Install Flatpaks in the VMs they are needed?

If I understand correclty, A) the Flatpaks will be updated? Right?

Have you seen this?

…but consider this:

Not sure what to think. Micah Lee is very knowledgeable but the criticisms of Flatpak also seem legit.

This looks like an interesting solution for less technical inclined users and those preferring the standard Fedora templates for various reasons. It does however come with the downsides you pointed to.

If one has the space and bandwidth (for the respective updates) I would recommend going with dedicated templates instead.

If one has some technical skill in installing Linux programs and resolving package dependencies of course as always: debian-minimal, apt-cacher-ng & one template per app/use case for reasons discussed many times in this forum.

Yeah, I decided against using Flatpak. I arrived at my decision, ironically enough, because I don’t consider myself technical enough to know if it’s safe or not.

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To clarify: install a minimal template. Install flatpak in the an appVm of the template. Install the flatpaks in the appVm?

I imagine that the flatpaks won’t update with the updater. And would need to be updated inside the appVm. And each appVm with the same flatpak would have to be updated separately?

(Turning on the network for the install, and installing the flatpaks direct in the template didn’t seem to work.)

Sorry for being unclear: I meant NOT using flatpacks at all and instead doing a traditional install in the template.

A few apps are Flatpak only. In this case I imagine the only solution is to install in an appVM and then update manually in the appVm?

I needed an up to date telegram app, allowed a debian clone internet installed the package then the app per the debian instructions, seems to be working, guess I could just use the clone template for the 1 app vm in which I run the telegram app,

Not sure if I looked at what version the Fedora template uses of telegram, nor if there was some kind of backport to get a newer telegram, which is an issue with debian sometimes, having older versions, did give me the idea to use disposable fedora firefox’s now for a newer version …

I’ve never used flatpaks before , did use backports or tried to before , maybe for youtube-dl, but tends to confuse me… or mess up my templates