Backup Qubes Failing (write error: Read-only file system)

Qubes 4.0.3 backups have started failing in the last few days. I’m running the backup utility to a USB hard drive mounted to one of the appVM’s. It worked fine for a month or so, but has just started failing out of the blue. It gets to about 11% (usually around 20 GB or so), then throws this error and dismounts the drive:

Error: Writing backups to VM backup failed: cat: write error: Read-only file system

I ran fdisk and it doesn’t look like there are no issues with the drive (it’s only about a month old and was working fine before). Possibly related, I only have two USB ports, and I can only get this drive to be detected/mounted when I plug into one of them…the other doesn’t seem to work at all.

I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Drive issue? USB port issue? Qubes issue?

Thanks in advance…

You may be able to find the answer by first saving the backup file to your VM and then copying it to the USB drive.

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Did you ever manage to resolve this issue?

Just create a folder in a AppVM, check with ls -l if it is owned by user:user if not chown user:user yourFolderName.
Attache the partition to the appVM via the yellow tray icon, mount that partition to the aforementioned folder, assuming you are in the AppVM home folder do a mount /dev/xvdi youFolderName .
Usually the attached partition is found under /dev/xvdi/ check with lsblk command and find the partition+size you attached and get the path otherwise but usually the first attachment goes to xvdi.

Now point qubes backup to the appvm folder and backups should work.