Awesome WM doesn't show windows from domUs

I did a fresh install of qubes 4.1 rc1 today. After that I updated it using the update tool and then installed awesome wm using

$ sudo qubes-dom0-update awesome

as written here: AwesomeWM (window manager) | Qubes OS
upon logging out and then logging in using awsome, I was able to see applications running in dom0 but when I started a dispVM it wasn’t visible but it was running ( which I confirmed using qvm-ls command)

Am I missing something? is there any package like i3-settings-qubes (maybe awesome-settings-qubes?)? or is awesome not supported for 4.1?

awesome in 4.1rc1 is pretty broken. It fails to start any Qubes OS autostart files which includes the GUI daemon (resulting in you not seeing any VM window at all).

I sent a PR that should fix it.

In the meantime you can either manually adapt your rc.lua to the PR or start XFCE first (which will start all autostart files) and then switch to awesome afterwards (by e.g systemctl restart lightdm).