Automated way to make Q Menus consistent?

I (of course!) have a number of similar-function qubes. Over time, their Q Menu list of Applications have become different. Now that I (think I) know what I want the Applications to be, is there an automated way to make <this list of qubes> have the same Q Menu Applications as <this qube>?

What do you mean by “consistent”? Consistent with what?

Sorry, I can’t parse this sentence.

Sorry it wasn’t clear - “consistent” -> “the same”. And yes, the post is unclear because I was HTML’d again - will fix.


Qube A Q Menu has Applications X, Y, & Z.

Regardless of what Applications they currently have, I would like Qubes B through T also to have (only) Applications X, Y, & Z.

Hmm, I don’t know of an automated way to do that, sorry. Theoretically, it might be possible by directly manipulating the shortcut files in dom0.

No worries.

I thought of it too, but manipulating the shortcut files is probably ultimately more trouble than it’s worth. I’ll just fix them one-by-one as each (increasingly) annoys me… :slight_smile:

For the future, in keeping with the UX discussion in the other thread, how about a “Like <qube>” option in Qube Settings -> Applications?!

@QubicRoot, have you seen the whisker menu? It helps getting a very useful menu with favorites/search filters/recently used/…
See Desktop Customization (xfce)

Please feel free to open a feature request for that, if you like.

@ludovic, yes, I saw that; but haven’t had time to experiment…

@adw, at this point not worth the time to do a FR. Just thought it might be worth passing informally to Nina…