Audio just quits there a command line reset?

I find myself having to reboot because sometimes, audio just stops working on this computer.

That’s really annoying, because this thing takes a LONG time to reboot and I have to restart a bunch of VMs.

Is there some command I can issue on the command line to force audio to reset itself or something?

(Pulseaudio -k doesn’t restore functionality.)

Did you consider to create sys-audio and to restart it when audio stops working?
What journalctl says?

I haven’t actually thought about trying sys-audio.

I can’t see anything that makes any dang sense in journalctl, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a simple, coherent set of instructions to just enable sys-audio.

I’ve found instructions that go on forever for constructing a minimal template for an existing sys-audio VM. That implies there IS a pre-configured sys-audio, I just have to enable it somehow–like I did with sys-usb. I’d like to try that first, and then, if it works (which, judging from the number of posts I see about sys-audio issues, is not by any means assured), go about the task of making a minimal template.

It’s trivial, like setting sys-net, or sys-usb today You take fedora-36-minimal, clone it, install needed packages and set it aside. Then you run

In dom0:
sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-audio-dom0
sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.sys-audio

and assign sys-audio as audiovm to some qube.
qvm-prefs <targetVM> audiovm sys-audio

You can also use this to set sys-audio as default audiovm for all other qubes:

qubes-prefs default_audiovm sys-audio

Attach sound controller to sys-audio, and reboot.


If you can’t boot, do not panic. It’s solvable most probably.

When confirming it runs based on fedora-36, just switch sys-audio template to fedora-36-minimal from above.


If it doesn’t work either way, just return the controller back to dom0 and reboot.

OK we might be talking at cross purposes. The first link in your reply points to setting up usb-audio, not sys-audio. In other words…it’s again assuming the existence of sys-audio (except in a couple of steps that it says don’t do if you don’t have sys-audio).

As it happens I’m pulling audio off an HDMI connector, and I have no microphone…so USB has nothing to do with my audio.

Other than that, it looks like, provided I can get a list of needed packages for sys-audio, I might get somewhere with this.

Which will be a good thing because I’m getting tired of having to reboot my machine to reset the audio! (Fortunately, I’ve learned (thanks to another thread) how to speed that process up by not starting most sys-* qubes before login!)

Exactly. It’s just a link to provide with hopefully all the packages needed for any kind of audiovm to work.
I had first sys-audio based on fedora-34-xfce, then deleted it and used the above procedure to create totally new one. So I’m suggesting you what exactly I’ve been through, step by step.

Well, there will be some additional steps, but they’re not related to if audio will work or not, so I left them for afterward.

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This very well may be the Linux/Xen bug that has been under investigation for ~6 months:

Marek seems to have bisected it down to changes in handling of scatter/gather buffers (DMA?) in ALSA/Linux under Xen.


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