Attention: Incoming Email Addresses Changed (forum email users only)

It’s possible to create topics entirely via email. With the migration to the new forum domain, these incoming email addresses have changed. Because of this, email-only users of the forum will have to update these addresses.

For ease of migration, all you should have to do have to is to replace with For example

  • old address… qubes_os+user-support-guides-14 at
  • becomes… qubes_os+user-support-guides-14 at

Alternatively you may want to have an easier to remember address, it’s now super simple:

They all follow the pattern Future categories will have the same pattern. But in case you forget (or don’t bookmark this message) you can always see each category’s incoming email address by visiting the pinned post of each category “About Category X”.

In case you have any questions or this doesn’t work for you, feel free to reply to this or email me at deeplower at