Asus KCMA-D8

Thanks for the reply. I plan to build one for virtualization and general server use, and it will very rarely be shut down. I heard these are rock solid boards once up and running. I try to gather as much info as I can before I start sourcing the parts and I hope it’s OK if I jump in and ask some questions.

Would you mind read the actual model number of the RAM sticks? There is a lot different sticks on the market.

Do you know if the PCI-e x16 port support Bifurcation so I can plug in a PCI-e x16 - 4pc M.2 adapters so that way I can increase the number of usable expansion ports? There is indication that the KGPE-D16 supports it, as Vikings sell their workstations with dual NVMe disks.

How do you think this board stands up in today’s age?

The quality of server mother boards are normally extremely high, and the boards typically can remain in use long after the CPUs become irrelevant, which is the case with boards like the KCMA-D8 and KGPE-D16.

They don’t perform well compared to modern hardware, even midrange modern desktop systems are going to a lot more powerful when a +10-year-old server.

You also have to factor in the cost of running the system, where I live running a server that old could easily cost around €100 per month in electricity.