Assist A Newb? Non-existent network manager in 4.1 Kde

Newb to Qubes with minimal Linux experience. Been playing with Qubes for close to a month, and can honestly say this is the first OS I really love. Hoping for some assistance so I can remain in this for the long haul.

After searching forums, I understand there are issues with Kde and Net manager icon missing, but I can’t seem to connect at all. Using Qubes for close to a month I know where it should be.

Xfce mostly works, except a laggy touchpad, no touchscreen, and system doesn’t seem to want to “wake” up after lid closure. I am able to switch between the 2 environments with reboot, but kde seems to freeze at logout as well.

Followed this thread for install.

Would greatly appreciate some assistance setting up a network manager that works with kde, configuring touchscreen, and finally configuring kde sddm so that a virtual keyboard isn’t automatically shown upon boot. Mouse touchpad laggy in either environment.

Greatly Appreciate any help in advance. Hoping to make this laptop my main device after solving these issues.

Asus q524
24gb ram

Running Qubes release 4.1.0-rc3
Fedora 34
Debian 11
Whonix 16
Lightdm disabled
sddm enabled
All updated

To Whom it may concern

I must apologize for not fully reading previous KDE posts fully.


All issues resolved following reinstall of qubes and following Unmans advice.

All Except for Touchscreen and keyboard led backlighting…