ASRock B450M Pro4 with AMD Ryzen 5 2400G

ASRock B450M Pro4 with AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, for unknown reason HCL report does not see the brand and model. CMOS is empty. Budget-computer.


For the average user Qubes 4.2 works fine on this machine with a simple BIOS-UEFI.


Qubes-HCL-To_Be_Filled_By_O_E_M_-To_Be_Filled_By_O_E_M_-20230903-193030.yml (1.0 KB)

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Thank you @pjmbraet for your HCL report, which is online now!

I have that board with AMD Ryzen 3. No complaints for three years running most hours of every day. Good BIOS-UEFI.
Now, if I can master installing Qubes OS software on it’s partitioned NVME 500GB drive I will die happy.

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Could you also submit the HCL report to help future users? Does suspend work?