Are these types of Wi-Fi antennas supported?


Small question here. I have a “2x2 dual band” external wifi antenna (I’m not entirely sure what they’re called, but mine’s looks something like this) that I got with an ASUS B550M-A. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find any info on whether Qubes supports the headers that it uses (the golden screws at the end of the wires). I just wanted to ask whether they were compatible and, if they are, how I’m supposed to configure them since they don’t appear in sys-net after running lspci -v and clearly don’t seem to be USB devices.

The issue is most probably the missing wifi firmware for your AX200 PCI WiFi controller.
You can try to install/update the iwlwifi firmware package in your sys-net template or manually download and add the firmware file in your sys-net template like this:

Also see this:

Or maybe you don’t have your WiFI controller attached to your sys-net. Check the Devices tab in your sys-net Qube Settings and see if it’s present there. It could be named as “xx:xx.x Network controller: …”


Unfortunately, I can’t install drivers or packages for the AX200 because I don’t have a secondary network or ethernet controller that I can use. I think I saw someone make a post about transferring the package files to a USB drive from a PC that does have Internet access, but I forgot how to. I’d appreciate it if you know any more convenient ways as well.

The last solution also doesn’t work for me because the device doesn’t show up in the Devices tab or lspci in dom0/sys-net, but some foreign device from “MEDIATEK Corp.” was recognized as a network controller, which I tried to use but didn’t succeed with.


Then before you try to install firmware you need to find out where is your WiFi controller and attach it to sys-net.
You can search for it in the lspci -nn output in dom0 based on vid/pid or you can upload the lspci output here so others can look into it.

It may be worth making clear that the antenna or antenna connectors are not the problem here, and that the question is rather which network device is available and what support is available for it.

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After you insert your USB stick, it will be available in Qubes Devices widget. Using this widget, you can attach it to another VM and copy the files.

Or, more securely, you can open a file manager inside sys-usb and use right mouse click to transfer the files to another VM. You should put the firmware into a TemplateVM (by default Fedora-XX), not AppVM (sys-net), because the former provides /root partition to the latter.