Apt-cacher-ng in debian-12-minimal does't work with onion repos

I’m using Qubes OS 4.2 and I have cacher qube based on debian-11-minimal template that use sys-whonix as netvm and debian templates are updating without a problem using this cahcher and onion repos.
Now I’ve created a new cacher qube based on debian-12-minimal template that use sys-whonix as netvm and debian templates can’t update using this cahcher and onion repos but works with clearnet repos.
I’m getting this error in debian template when I try to update it:

Ign:1 http://2s4yqjx5ul6okpp3f2gaunr2syex5jgbfpfvhxxbbjwnrsvbk5v3qbid.onion/debian bookworm InRelease
Err:1 http://2s4yqjx5ul6okpp3f2gaunr2syex5jgbfpfvhxxbbjwnrsvbk5v3qbid.onion/debian bookworm InRelease
  503  Host not found [IP: 8082]
E: Failed to fetch http://2s4yqjx5ul6okpp3f2gaunr2syex5jgbfpfvhxxbbjwnrsvbk5v3qbid.onion/debian/dists/bookworm/InRelease  503  Host not found [IP: 8082]

I’ve noticed that in debian-12 appvm you can’t use onion repos in sources.list without tor+ anymore while it works in appvms based on debian-11 template (it’s not working for debian-11 as well and now I’m not sure that my memory is correct and if it even worked before):

Err:8 http://2s4yqjx5ul6okpp3f2gaunr2syex5jgbfpfvhxxbbjwnrsvbk5v3qbid.onion/debian bookworm Release
  Direct connection to .onion domains is blocked by default. If you meant to use Tor remember to use tor+http instead of http.

With Acquire::BlockDotOnion "false"; in apt config it’s starting to work again:

Maybe the default BlockDotOnion value was changed from false to true.
I don’t know if it’s related to this issue or not, maybe apt-cacher-ng now also has BlockDotOnion value set false and it’s causing this issue.
Did anyone succeed in using apt-cacher-ng in qube based on debian-12-minimal with onion repos?

I can confirm that the onion repos are working with apt-cacher-ng and without apt-transport-tor in the debian-12-minimal template in Qubes r4.1, so this may be a r4.2 specific problem.

Seems to be a problem with apt-cacher-ng version, because after installing apt-cacher-ng 3.7.4 from bullseye-backports in working cacher debian-11-minimal template it’s starting to fail in the same way.

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Thank for sharing your experience. I had the same trouble.

I can confirm that installing apt-cacher-ng with version 3.6.4-1 solved this issue for me. This is the same version debian bullseye uses.

Likewise, I’m using apt-cacher-ng version 3.6.4-1 (in Whonix 16, Debian oldstable repo). If reverting to that version works for you, please mark it as the solution for others who may run into the same problem.

Reverting the version back is not a proper fix to this problem, it’s just a temporary workaround. I’ll try to build apt-cacher-ng versions between 3.6.4 and 3.7.4 to find the cause of this issue and a possible proper fix to it.

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The problem starts with apt-cacher-ng version 3.7-1 so it’s somewhere in 3.6 → 3.7 code.

It seems to be because the apt-cacher-ng starting with version 3.7 is using asynchronous name resolver library (libc-ares) that is dropping DNS requests for “.onion” in compliance with RFC:

Discussion about this RFC implementation for c-ares and curl and its impact on transparent Tor proxying:

Temporary fix for new apt-cacher-ng versions using privoxy while the issue with RFC is being discussed:

Install and configure apt-cacher-ng in the same way as before, e.g. following this guide:

Install privoxy in template-cacher:

apt-get install privoxy
systemctl mask privoxy

Shut down template-cacher.
Start cacher qube and configure privoxy there:

echo "binds+=( '/etc/privoxy/config' )" >> /rw/config/qubes-bind-dirs.d/50_user.conf
echo 'systemctl unmask privoxy' >> /rw/config/rc.local
echo 'systemctl start privoxy' >> /rw/config/rc.local
echo 'Proxy:' >> /etc/apt-cacher-ng/acng.conf

Restart cacher.
Change privoxy config:

echo 'forward-socks5t / .' >> /etc/privoxy/config
systemctl restart privoxy