Another sys-net is appearing after USB tethering. Is it normal?

I am seeing another sys-net but it is appearing only after USB tethering when I click Service: sys-net > sys-net: XTerm.
It’s name is not exactly sys-net. Plz have a look at the image below.
Is it normal?

xentop -f command is not showing this strange domain:

I think the xterm which is opening is from a disposable VM, isn’t it “sys-net-dm” in your list ?

I don’t know.
Why do I see this bizarre VM name “2a02-8440-210d-…” instead of “sys-net” or “sys-net-dm”?

Because they don’t represent the same things :

  • “2a02-8440-210d-…” is the hostname of the domU (the one you find in /etc/hostname or /etc/hosts).
  • “sys-net-dm” is the name of the domU, from the point of view of the hypervisor.

I cant see your screenshot.
What does ip a show in sys-net when you have tethered?
Look at the link/ether results for your connections.

Thank you guys for your responses.
I found what is the problem. It is because of enabled ufw.
Surely, what I did may look like stupid to you.
I did it because I read somewhere that enabled ssh is a vulnerability point.