Alt+Tab in the Windows qube is not working and problem of stuck modifiers (alt, ctrl, shift, win)

I installed Windows 10 with QWT as a standalone qube following community guides for R4.1:
Everything is working surprisingly well.

The only major problem I have is that Alt+Tab in the Windows 10 qube is conflicting with Alt+Tab in dom0. So, when I press Alt+Tab the Windows qube is change to other window in dom0, but the Alt key gets stuck inside Windows qube! So, when I return to Windows qube - everything is not working properly as Alt is stuck. Very annoying.

Other modifiers (ctrl, shift, win aka meta) also get stuck and it makes using Windows qube a less pleasant experience.

  1. Is it possible to solve it without changing xfce combination for window change inside dom0? At least prevent modifiers like alt getting stuck in this case?

  2. Does everybody who has Windows 10+ qube has the same basic issue?

  3. I can make a script that will unbind xfce combination inside dom0 when Windows qubes is active and bind it back when current window does not belong to Windows qube. I just don’t know what method of callback can I use for getting information about current window being changed in dom0?

I don’t remember if this always worked or if I had to make a change, but: alt-win-tab is what works in my old qubes 4.0 windows vm for Windows alt-tab.

I too get stuck keys, usually only after changing qubes workspaces (using keyboard shortcut) and returning.

If I think about it ahead of time, I bring up a sacrificial notepad.exe right before I move to another qubes workspace, since the stuck key appears to be application specific or maybe even application window specific within the windows OS.

Woe are the days when the stuck keys ends up on the taskbar…and I end up having to kill explorer.exe to resolve it…


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So, guys, what is your experience with Windows qube.
I expect everybody to have this Alt+Tab sticking problem, isn’t it right?