All templates MISSING from fresh installation

Hi everybody.

I used qubes previously and I’m trying to do a fresh installation with the 4.1.0

All runs ok untill I restart the computer and I’m prompted to the final configuration steps:
All the templates are completely missing.

I was used to the “noob” qubes installation where since the beginning you had all the templates and the basic VMs (sys-net, sys-firewall, sys-whonix etc).

Now I’m stuck with an installation where I have only dom0 and nothing else, unable to connect to the network and to restore from backups.

I verified the iso with PGP and all seems fine
I tried to change the installation media (I’m installing via USB on the pc ssd)
I tried to change mirror for the iso download
I tried to write both the USB’s I’m using for the installation both in ISO and dd mode in Rufus
I tried to search deeply about this issue but nothing came up

I’m not able to copy the logs since I can’t attach any usb device to dom0 in this situation.

All I can tell is a message that comes up at the end of the final configuration:

“Qubes initial configuration failed. Login to the system and check /var/log/salt/minion for details. You can retry configuration by calling ‘sudo qubesctl --all state.highstate’ in dom0 (you will get detailed state there)”

Someone is experiencing the same issue?

Thank you.

how you configure storage at installation ?
It’s missing because the setup is fail.
perhaps you using 4kn drive ?

maybe try installing and choose btrfs rather than lvm thin

I just “free space” with the installer tool on the pc main ssd.

I’m not an advanced user and I don’t know how to switch from lvm to btrfs and what it implies. I’ll still try to install it once again but as it looks seems that the templates are not in the ISO at all.

Tried to switch from LVM to btrfs and I’m still in the same situation.

I’m literally going crazy about this. Please help.

Did you use entry drive for Qubes installation?
How much space does it have? Check in installed Qubes dom0 terminal with this command:
sudo vgs

oh i see, is there any error you meet at installation ?
can you wipe out your drive first, then try installing

Solved the problem downloading and installing the 4.1.1 Iso.

This means that, in some way, the 4.0 iso is flawed. It’s a bit weird that the stable iso is somehow more problematic than the beta.

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It IS weird.

I couldn’t install 4.1.0 at all (it couldn’t even boot) but some beta version from May worked perfectly. Eventually release will catch up with it.