4.1-rc1: trouble updating fedora-34 template and a few other

Didn’t use 4.1 a few weeks. Having trouble updating now.

Actually I don’t remember what could be a reason for this, sorry, but now I can’t update w/o hacks like enabling internet for template qube. The Updater shows that there are updates for fedora-34 template, but fails with exit status 20 when updating. Ends up with ‘failed to return clean data’ (fedora-34: retcode 126).
And even when I enable internet for template vm (set sys-firewall as default network provider) - fedora-34 template doesn’t update with ‘dnf update’ - instantly reproducible curl failure ‘Recv failure: Connection reset by peer’ when downloading metadata. I can walk to the failing fedora repository url from personal qube via firefox w/o connection resets. So another question appear - adding sys-firewall as network provider is not enough - I need to provide more changes to template for emergency updates, but where - firewall rules are set to allow all connections.

Before that I used backup to restore a qube, but restore from backup should not touch the Dom0 - I 've used setting to restore only this qube. This backup story could be unrelated, sorry.

Also: the Net-VM qube shows that it should be restarted right after starting template qube it is based on.
I did not made any changes - just started template VM, but the Net-VM status in Qubes Manager shows a circle meaning that template has changes - is that the expected behavior?

And finally another problem - I’ve got Ctrl-Shift-V not working and can’t find where the binding lies - it looks like I’ve bound it somewhere and forgot about it. Can’t find the binding in xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts and keyboard settings (via Dom0 menu) do not show this binding.
Attempt to change Safe paste setting doesn’t change it immediately:
‘Q->Qubes Tools->Qubes Global Settings’ opens a window with a lot of settings, including ability to change ‘Secure paste’ from Ctrl-Shift-V to Ctrl-Insert or Ctrl-Win-V. But changes to that setting do not affect behavior of these keys. Are these settings session bound and require logout and login again? Or reboot? If so - this should be noted inside the ‘Qubes Global Settings’ program itself.

Also I’ve got at least one immediate crashing-reboot (no stopping VMs and so on, just like someone pressed reset switch) after killing firewall-vm. And one more similar reset-like reboot when I can’t prove that this is due to net-vm or firewall-vm manipulations.

Finally this seem to be easier to reinstall, especially when I know that rc2 is out. If you need more technical details from this report - please ask quickly - I’m about to move to 4.1-rc2 today via full reinstall.

for 4.1-rc1, the only problem i’ve meet is Minimal Template installation fails in Qubes 4.1rc1, i can’t answer to your problem but if you want do reinstall, try waiting 4.1-rc3 little more, should be released today.