4.1.0 install to disk errors

Ok guys trying to install 4.1.0 having disk issues…
Everything goes fine until I have to select disks.
Qubes installer sees all 5 SSD’s, also shows how much free space on each. I select all 5 and then check the box to reclaim space. Popup window comes up and I select “delete all” partitions and chose confirm, box closes and I get errors on main installer page. I can’t remember the error but I believe it’s alone the lines that it “can’t reclaim” space so qubes os will not install…

Should I take these SSD’s out and reformat as FAT and then try my Qubes OS install??

Also these SSD’s are my old qubes OS 4.0.x, if this is why I am having this problem.

Thanks guys

I’m afraid it’s important to get actual errors, so people could help you.

I did not quite get it, are you trying to install Qubes on 5 SSD discs simultaneously? Or those are just logical partitions?

@fsflover span the install out across all 5 SSD’s. In 4.0.x I did it across 3 and the install went fine.
For my new install of 4.1.0 across 5 SSD’s is for more space for Qubes OS. So I will now have 1.5 TB to work with.
I saw what one of the members told me the LUKS header on the drivers I needed to delete and then do a FULL “reformat” drives. For whatever reason when I tried to “delete” all partitions option in the 4.1.0 installer when you chose what drives to install Qubes OS too, it wouldn’t delete this LUKS header.

So I slaved out each drive to another computer went in to my disk utility and saw that each drive where my old Qubes Os of 4.0.x was install actually 2 tables. 1 disk table was about 1mb LUKS and then the other disk table was the rest of drive.

I start late yesterday deleting these 2 disk tables and then FULL reformat “wipe” of SSD’s. I only have 2 SSD’s left to do now. It’s taking about 5 hours each drive to do.

Plus I was thinking about doing this anyway for “peace of mind” as the drives are now clean.

I know I should remember the “error” to help you guys out with helping us BUT at around 1:30 in the morning when I called it quits I didn’t care and was mad. But I believe this will now fix my problem…

Anyway if I remember right the “error” was can’t lock drives for install. So what I did then was go back into selecting the disk and start to uncheck drives to see what was going on. Well when I did this I would then get a error stating I couldn’t select the other drives and that the unchecked drive was needed along with the other drives I have checked. Drive sda needs drive sdc or if I unchecked drive sdb the error would state I needed it along with the other drives for install.

So somewhere along the lines the Qubes OS 4.1.0 installer saw my old Qubes OS 4.0.x and wouldn’t allow me to delete or lock drives to install new Qubes OS…

Which leads me to now where I am
-delete the 2 tables on these drives
-FULL reformat “wipe” clean

Lol, long time to do my friend

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Ok I didn’t know that but will make sure I do my post/replays in a orderly fashion.

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