4.0.3. distribution release is not on Distrowatch!?

I searched the forum and Qubes site to find info about why this release is not published on https://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=qubes. Could not find any info but I can see that it is available on the Qubes site. Any reason why it is not there?

Thanks in advance

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Looks like a mistake, there should be no reason to skip 4.0.3.

I sent an email to the Distrowatch contact for adding it. Wait’n see…



After some mail exchanges with the Distrowatch contact, the version is already present in the table page (see Feature/Package 1st data column).

But in fact the 4.0.3 announcement is not present in the announcement page. But they won’t add it, because they don’t retro-actively add past release announcements (see the explanations in the Distrowatch FAQ).

So let it be…

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Well, thanks for looking into it, regardless.

Thank you all for your kind replies, links and efforts to solve the issue.
I actually did see the info about 4.0.3 on the 1th column but it took me to the complete package list.

Then I visited Qubes sites and 4.0.3 download page but I thought I wait for 4.0.4 to be my 1th :heart: install/love.

Best Regards