Zoom videoconference issue

I’ve consistently had issues doing Zoom videoconferencing on Qubes. The consistent symptom is that the camera won’t stay connected to a VM. In Qubes 4.0, Debian and Fedora VMs both had the problem. I’ve upgraded to 4.1, and same thing. I have a Librem 15 laptop with an embedded Quanta HD camera.

When using Jitsi Meet, on Qubes 4.0, Debian 10 and Fedora 3x had the same issue. On 4.1, Jitsi Meet on Debian 11 works well, but not on Fedora 36.

Just curious if anyone else has experienced this.

You need to increase the RAM in sys-usb to 512MB (some recommendations) or 1024MB (what I did) to solve this longstanding issue.