Zfs incompatible with kernel 6.5

Apparently the version of zfs in our debian-12 repository (2.1.11-1) isn’t new enough to get along with kernel 6.5.x. (2.1.13-1 is needed.) I had to reset the kernel to 6.1.x to get zfs to install.

Any chance of getting 2.1.13-1 made available via a simple apt-install?

You can install newer version of zfs from bookworm-backports.

I gather this is not under Qubes OS’s control?

That sounds a lot harder than changing the kernel. And I suspect given the way I do things, I’m less likely to stop doing that when it’s no longer necessary.

Also, Debian isn’t using 6.5 yet, so if I’m using Debian, perhaps I shouldn’t be either?

Yes, it’s configured in template itself.

It’s not really something hard to do:
Add backports repository in /etc/apt/sources.list and then you can install packages from it like this:

apt-get install -t bookworm-backports <package>

If you only want to use stable Debian packages then yes.

Thanks for the info.

Given my automation, I will surely forget to undo that when it’s no longer necessary. And I probably won’t even know when it’s no longer necessary.

The template I install zfs on is a clone of a different template…which is using the (QubesOS) default kernel. So, whenever I generate this it will fail…but I left myself a note that I should change the kernel if it fails. Until such time as the newer version of zfs is available by default. Then things will work with “normal” configuration. The worst I can forget to do is remove the note, but it’s in a place where it will be hard to miss.