Zenity throwing gdk_atom_intern errors

A few weeks ago I started seeing two gdk_atom_intern: assertion ‘atom_name != NULL’ failed messages any time I ran a zenity window from the command line. All else seems fine…the zenity window itself displays, so IMHO this might as well be a specious error message.

I wasn’t too concerned about it except I now have a script that is failing partway through because zenity is throwing error 255 just from displaying a popup. The specious error is now causing some of my infrastructure to fail. I was forced to go in and suppress error checking on that step, which means real errors will not be caught.

I doubt it’s anything wrong with my scripting; I get it just from running zenity --info --text="test text" on the command line.

The timing indicates it COULD have something to do with my switchover to debian-12-minimal. Perhaps I’m missing a newly-required library or something like that.

Any ideas? (And yes I apologize in advance if it’s not qubes-specific…but I can’t find anything with duckduckgo.)