Yubikey Keepass Qubes OS - Not working

Have system w/ Nvida GPU installed for graphics as well as a usb keyboard & mouse, running qubes 4.1.

How do I get Yubikey + Keepass XC to work.

Anytime I attach a USB controller to Qube I lose my graphics, and kb.

I am at a loss but need to use keepassxc with Yubi key.

Please let me know how to achieve this?

(Some thoughts: if absolutely necessary to get full functionality of yubikey in qubes, I can purchase a Ryzen CPU w/ graphics and a ps/2 kb + mouse. However I would prefer to use system as is)

You need to use sys-usb (if it’s working for your setup):

Well no, sys usb is seemingly impossible to run.
Attaching any usb device results on no display output.