YubiKey in Qubes not working - because Disposable sys-usb Template?

Hi Community

I became a huge fan of qubes since I started to use it a few months ago. Now, I wanted to use a Yubikey for better auth security. However, it does not work…

Obviously, I followed the Yubikey Guide: YubiKey | Qubes OS

When I now try to login with my selected password, nothing happens and the screenlocker says just failed login - my Yubikey does not react as well.

My guess: I run sudo dnf install ykpers in the template of sys-usb (as step 1 in the guide). However, this is not persistently saved since the template for the sys-usb qube is the disposable fedora-dvm (since installation of qubes). So how should my sys-usb even use ykpers? And if that is the reason, what could I do to solve the problem? Whole new sys-usb qube?

I am not familiar with USB qube topics very much… so I would search for the easiest fix. And I apologize in advance when I miss something here…

The named DisposableVM sys-usb is based on disposable template fedora-dvm. The disposable fedora-dvm is AppVM that is disposable template and it’s based on some TemplateVM (e.g. fedora-37).
You need to install it in TemplateVM (fedora-37) and not in disposable template (disposable fedora-dvm).
The terms are confusing for sure.

Oh man… thank you so much! I think that’s the reason and I am going to test it :slight_smile: