Yubikey Authenticator

Hey guys!

Working with 4.1 and installed stap as instructed on the documentation on the Qubes website. All went well.

Went into personal and installed Yubikey Authenticator and started it up the first time which went well.

Restarted the Qube and tried to start it up and now it refuses to Start up again. Any ideas?

Make sure you install it in the template rather than directly in the app qube.

Hi there!

Thank you for the reply. Im still fairly new with Qubes still but when Im reading the documentation it says:

Now open the app qube in which you would like to install the Snap application and run a terminal:

[user@snap-demo-app qube ~]$ snap install <package>

I’ve done that, the app sticks, it just doesn’t want to open.