Yet another Qubes GUI error

This is what I get for trying to change anything from the default settings.

I was just looking through the icon options under appearance when it locked me into place under high contrast. If I try to change it to any other option, it will change it for a fraction of a second then go right back to high contrast. If I click on it more than once, it clones each option in the list.

Let me take this opportunity to make note of how extremely glitchy the GUI is in Qubes. I have no issues with complicated setups in Qubes. For example the steps you have to take to move files between Qubes, the clipboard etc. I understand there is a tradeoff between privacy and convenience. What I can’t deal with are errors that are not only unpredictable and intractable without seeking technical support, but also numerous.

It is XFCE in dom0 that is glitchy and buggy.
Hope that KDE will be once again the main choice (currently not supported).

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That makes sense. Qubes itself seems to be mostly decent.

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