YAVQ (yet another VPN question), does qtunnel not like ProtonVPN?

I feel like a burden trying to get VPNs working, seems like half of my posts are around vpn related issues but I can’t figure out why its not working from reading the forums and logs so find myself at the mercy of the community again :confused:
With significant amounts of help from @fepitre I was able to get qtunnel working using PIA vpn service and was able to replicate my sucess by setting up a few more proxyVMs for different PIA servers, then i tried doing the same thing for ProtonVPN, didnt work, tried again, didnt work. I thought it might be due to incorrect login/password (as the IKEv2 login/password are pretty long) but then I tried pasting in the login into directly into the tunneluserpwd.txt file and still didnt work.
I took a look at the journalctl -u qubes-tunnel output and its quite long (longer than the output i got from pia, 1.4M so larger than the 512k that most pastebins allow, what I posted I had to trim) but in it i saw lines like " systemd[1]: qubes-tunnel.service: Succeeded" yeah!? but also a few warning lines related to … i have no idea.

after looking at the log a bit more, it seems the reason it is so huge is it kept restarting the qubes-tunnel service? like literally 233 times, thats not normal right?

I’m seeing a bunch of “AUTH: Received control message: AUTH_FAILED”. Are you able to confirm somehow differently that credentials you try to use are working?

Well, as before I dont know why, but I tried again c/p’ing the passwords into the tunneluserpwd.txt and it didnt work, but then just erased the qtunnel.conf and replaced it with the same .ovpn file and recreated the tunneluserpwd.txt and… it worked.
I obviously did something wrong somewhere but regardless, works now, will try to recreate some additional sys-vpns with other .ovpn configs and see if it continues to work.
Thank you again.

I suspect maybe missing newline or such?