XPS 13 9310 - Not compatible with Qubes?

Hi All,

I’ve just spent the day working through all the UEFI and Nvidia video driver workarounds and there is no way to get Qubes to install on new XPS 13 9310 laptops.

The 9310 is a UEFI only system and can not fall back to legacy bios.

As a side note, Windows 10 and the latest Ubuntu install and work fine.

If you find this before you try all the workarounds, don’t bother, they don’t work.

Hi @Ant123. It’s unfortunate that you couldn’t get it running there. Do you think you would be able submit a hardware compatibility Report for your computer. This way, it will show up on the Hardware Compatiblity List (HCL) so others can know that it doesn’t work on this computer.

It can also be submitted here on the forum.

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Other users have reported successfully running Qubes on 9310. Perhaps a different version?

The latest Qubes testing 4.1 works on an XPS 13 9380 .
See Error when booting form qubes iso (xps 13 9380) - #14 by Salamander

Maybe give it another try?

btw, Windows and Qubes 4.1 is not ready, I read somewhere here.