Looked into xn0px90
She/he/it claims:

I’ve been using Qubes OS for over a decade and have seen its potential firsthand. During my time with the OS, I’ve conducted research in RED, BLUE, and PURPLE team engagements, with a focus on lone wolf threat scenarios. I have experience working with amazing fuzzing environments, reverse engineering workflows, and even hosting servers and custom builds of Qubes OS. I am also capable of combining workflows with custom xcp-ng.org.


Reddit: u/xn0px90
Twitter: xn0px90
Discord: xn0px90#2111
Qubes-OS Discord: Qubes OS
Matrix Discord Bridge: https://matrix.to/#/#qubes-os-discord-bridge-v2:matrix.org
ClubHouse: Qubes-OS

I would prefer to Donate to Qubes | Qubes OS

Who knows maybe this patreon “guy” with his “PURPLE team” experience in amazing fuzzing environments and reverse engineering workflows is a true savant.

Draw your own conclusions.

Personal apology to @enmus

I had not realized how bad things had gotten. Mea culpa.

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Does their style of posting violate forum rules?

I feel that many posts are off-topic, some are spam, and a few could be seen as inappropriate. I don’t feel making up a story about xen wizards makes it on-topic, and other posts are basically just promoting social media profiles and nothing else.

And this doesn’t even touch on the threats of doxing, or hacking the server.

I know they said they have autism, and that might explain why, but at some point it could affect the experience of other users.



Thanks for the comic relief.
Welcome to the forum :lol:


The noise to signal is strong in this post.

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Off-topic in ‘All Around Qubes’, moving to ‘Forum Feedback’

I see @Plexus

noise-to-signal ratio

The proportion of irrelevant, off-topic, inflammatory, nonsensical, spammy, screaming, content-free, trolling, or otherwise useless statements to actual useful, worthwhile communication.

From the informal sense of signal to noise ratio, but inverted to emphasize the “noise”.

“That discussion board used to be a great place to talk about politics, but now the noise-to-signal ratio is through the roof!”

“Typically, a demagogue actually benefits from nonsensical, contradictory and inflammatory statements and agendas. Ironically, the higher the noise-to-signal ratio, the more effective they become since any useful information would actually rein them in.”
(adapted from Raul and JonG)

imagine!(Not saying this happened)

I cant wait to see whats gonna happen next!
Mayor QOS team dev arrested for hacking wrong hacker.
Dropped 0day!
Now xn0px90 is here looking for stolen reseach!
Waiting for ban!
So he can make next move!
I am not stopping!
So many sock puppets!