XFCE desktop icon positions not remembered after reboot


I have been experiencing this since starting to use Qubes OS (4.1). Now I am using up to date versions of dom0 and templates, but it still happens. I can’t find when and why, so here is a thread.

The details:

I add a few desktop shortcut icons, position them where I want, then reboot.

After that, they self re-arrange (as if just added, usually top left, then top to bottom arrangement). This happens with newly added icons. At some point in time (after some reboots) the icons stick to the places I set them in. However, if I add new shortcut icons, this happens again. Newly added icons even push some (not all) older (“stabilized” ones) from their places if they are in the leftmost and top positions. I can’t find a pattern which ones stay and which ones move.

This is really strange because I don’t have this problem on other machines running Linux and XFCE.

Am I the only one experiencing this?
What is the fix?

Can anyone help with that please?

The panel can be buggy sometimes, especially after a reboot. Start with running xfce4-panel -r in a dom0 console.


My question is about the positions of the desktop icons. Not panel.
Or are you suggesting the two are somehow related?

My mistake, you’re correct. That’s what happens when I use this forum as soon as I wake up!

A workaround which I found: