Xentrace / xentrace_format formats

Trying to get some idea of why my performance may be less than expected.
Found xentrace, which I ran for 32 seconds, and then xentrace_format. This requires some format definitions. I find none in dom0. Has anyone ever run this in qubes? The only definitions file I can find thru the goog is 16 years old. Surely someone would have added a new trace ID to xen in the past 16 years! Otherwise, I assume it is not used / not useful. Are there people working on performance? is this the right place to ask?

Orthogonaly, I just discovered that the dom0 kernel has some /sys/kernel/debug/events/... defined. These are cute. Someone went to a lot of trouble to expose these as a /sys filesystem component. Is this what perf top uses to print trace info?
Anyway, I now know that perf top is available in dom0 so i guess I can go off and see how far I get with that.

Any pointers appreciated.

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Just found a newer xentrace/formats file. This one matches most of the traces.
What would be useful now would be a tool which indexed the XEN source with the trace locations so that one could step thru the trace file (ala m-x next-error) and have the matching source file pop up in the editor. Surely someone has this tool by now.

This issue seems to be a lot developer-oriented. So the question may get more traction on the qubes-devel mailing list, where the developers hang out.

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