Xen, QNX, Embedded Devices, Vehicle Infotainment SBCs

Anybody have experience with using Xen, QNX on embedded devices that are used in

vehicle infotainment systems?

Is it possible to flash QubesOS to an ARM based SBC that is to be used in a vehicle

infotainment system?

First, Qubes is x86-64 only at the moment.

Xen on ARM is a thing, but there are many obstacles to what you want.

I will list a couple.

1: RAM. Qubes is RAM hungry and most SBCs won’t have the recommended
8+ GB to run.

2: Xen on ARM doesn’t fully support all the hardware features
needed to do isolation correctly. See the matrix
and search for ‘IOMMU’ for starters.

TLDR: not possible, and won’t happen soon.