Xen Hypervisor 4.14.3 vs 4.14.3.config

I’m new to Qubes and I am trying to follow the installation guide as I install the OS but I am noticing it is a outdated in a few places. There is no longer an option for the addons for Debian and Whonix in the installation process where users have to check the box, I am assuming it was probably moved to the standard install for all Qubes OS or something.

I also noticed that once you move into post-installation setup there is now two options for the Xen Hypervisor. I am new to Qubes, and new to Linux so I am just trying to make sure I don’t mess anything up. The two options are:

Xen Hypervisor, version 4.14.3
Xen Hypervisor, versions 4.14.3.config

I tried looking up information about it in the forums and across google and reddit but I dont see any information pertaining to this. I even tried looking on the Xen Hypervisor website. I am assuming I should just do the “normal” 4.14.3 option, but I want to make sure that by not choosing .config that I am not going to miss the step that allows you to choose the default “Initial Setup” Qubes. Can someone please explain what the difference between these two options is?

Take a look at the qvm-template command in dom0. You should be able to list the available templates there, and install what you want.

This issue was determined to be related to a different underlying problem with the installation. An issue/bug report has been created on GitHub and the Qubes OS team has marked as a bug that needs diagnosing. If any future users run into a similar issue as this one you can find this bug report to add any additional details or information you may have at the following link

Thank you so much to everyone who tried to assist me with this issue, I truly appreciate it!