Xdotool key ctrl+shift+c

I am trying to automate ctrl+shift+c so it triggers everytime i ctrl+c
but i tried xdotool key ctrl+shift+c in both my appvm and dom0 however qubes simply does not trigger the usual ctrl+shift+c


@apparatus so INSIDE dom0 keyboard app, i bind ctrl+c to
/bin/bash -c "sleep 0.1 && xdotool key ctrl && sleep 0.1 && xdotool key ctrl+c && sleep 0.1 && xdotool key ctrl+shift+c"

right? ill try again tomorrow. i wonder why this would work but my cmd didnt, linux is so arbitrary

But with Ctrl+C as a trigger this does not work at all

@apparatus why not? i can just set it to ctrl as the trigger then

I don’t know, I didn’t try it myself.