X230 Compatible RAM

I recently purchased two 8gb sticks of Crucial RAM that were not compatible with Qubes (they caused VMs to fail or prevented proper boot up).

What specific brand and part number of RAM are other x230 + Qubes users using on their laptops to reach the 16gb maximum?

any help is greatly appreciated


2x8G DDR3 1600mhz, G. SKILL working with no problems.



Did you run a memory test? Some hardware coupled with the correct memory can do a interleaving thing. Interleaved memory effectively increases CPU access to memory Allowing CPU to run faster.

I have needed to go back to the memory originally installed. boot it up. then add one module of the new (crucial) RAM. boot it up. then shut it down add second module.

and what you have might work.

I do not know how to detect whether interleaving is working and I do not know whether the X230 allows interleaving.

I am pretty sure the reason people used to say, a decade ago Apple supplied memory always runs faster i8s because their own supplied memory had interleaving.

I ordered this exact RAM and it worked!
Thank you!

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