Wrong window colors in `i3wm`

Once in while, maybe every month, my window manager i3wm looks like this

after closing a window --usually a pdf viewer.

Note that i3wm window does not follow QubesOS’ coloring convention here since the domain name is not at the beginning of the windows name.

Has anybody seen this behavior too? Can anybody reproduce this?

This seems to be a container border. Try moving the window with mod+arrows to make it disappear. This also happens to me from time to time.


Yes, this can be removed easily by rearranging windows.

I’m not sure if this behavior can be considered a bug? The container’s border should display dom0, shouldn’t it.

It’s related to i3 and how it works, so not really. The application window still uses the correct color, so there’s no security compromise when this happens.

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Sounds good.