Wrapping my head around salt

So I got Qubes running on my newer computer(finally) and am now having to go back and get various things working again like audio, sys-vpn, kde tiling, etc all a bit of a PITA - and I did actually keep some notes on how i did it before (though apparently not enough).

I listen to the linux unplugged podcast and they have drunk the nixos koolaid (overdosed perhaps?) but, as i understand it, salt can potentially provide similar functionality and allow me to (eventually) set up a file that will “explain” how I have my system setup and can set up system the same way, whether I am reinstalling on the same box or a new box… am I kind of getting it?

I’m using salt to achieve what you’re describing, it’s more complex than a single file but I keep track of how I set up various templates and VMs with salt.

There is some good stuff about salt and Qubes OS:

And so on …


Thanks for this! Yeah, I noticed its more than one file but I’ve started going over some of the guides. So far the easiest guide for me has been exactly the one you cited first by Leo. I mainly wanted to make sure I was understanding what salt was capable of. I hope to be able to get around to learning some more and trying some things out soon (at which point I’m sure I will have many more questions).