Would you be interested in Ansible or OpenTofu support?

There was a decent discussion in the matrix channel on Salt vs Ansible vs OpenTofu. I’m looking for a new project and I thought it would be a good idea to get some community feedback first.

Would people be interested in a way to use Ansible for user configuration management instead of Salt?

OpenTofu has a better fit for managing the lifecycle of a qubes, excluding the software inside of them. Would you want to use two languages to maintain your setup or do you think it’s better to provide everything within Ansible?

I do not care about the technology as long as:

  • it is maintained over time
  • the glue between the tool and Qubes OS is maintained over time
  • it is reliable
  • it provides something useful

I’d love to see Ansible support. I’ve never seen Salt in use anywhere else, but I’ve used it personally before Qubes. I find Ansible+Puppet intuitively easier to use than Salt+Chef.

OpenTofu - oh cool, someone forked Terraform. I think I’d get more value out of the software/template management side than controlling desktop qubes, but if Qubes Air is still on the cards then I’d want the extra specialized language.

I would love to use ansible for configuration management instead of salt! I gave up on trying to write anything for salt a while back and just use bash scripts instead since then for qubes. (I use ansible for everything but qubes).

Personally I would prefer doing it all in ansible as opposed to using two languages. Note that I’ve never dealt with openTofu, so I cannot say if it has any real advantage. You may want to look at:
(which at least at first glance, looks like a way of running terraform from anisble.)
However, note that by installing 2 applications that you increase your attack surface)

Of interest, i believe ansible/qubes stuff has already been started. Examples:

and ansible itself seems to have something qubes related in its own documentation:

You may be able to use one of those as your starting point