Won't boot anymore stuck at

Hi guys,
my Laptop gets stuck in the boot process after i enter LUKS pw. I urgently need help.
It says “failed to start daemon from power management”
and it recommends “systemctl status upower.service for details”.
Then it goes in a loop with the line start/fail “daemon from power management”.
Even when i let the laptop run for 2 hours it won’t get past the step “start daemon from power management”.
Can you please tell me what to do?
Thank you very much

Hardware model, firmware if not stock, last known time of update would be required for anyone to even try to help here. The more details, the better. 30 people seen this post as of now.

The reason there is no reply is that nobody can give you an answer with known facts. Otherwise, pointing you in really weird directions that would most probably not help you at all.


It’s an Ryzen 7 5700 cpu; Samsung nvme 980 pro.
Updated QubesOS about 14 days ago.

Thx for helping

have You any previous experience with qubes ?
If yes, can try this for trobleshooting: Starting Dracut Emergency Shell
Otherwise You can try this one to boot from usb and try to recover what’ s possible, then reinstall and restore backup.
Or more simpler, if You can boot in recovery mode from installation usb key, and try to understand what happenend?