Wireless PS/2 keyboard and mouse for qubes?


Does someone of you know if wireless keyboards and mouses work on qubes with a PS/2 adapter that recieves the signal?

Because i’m using qubes on my desktop with an usb keyboard and mouse, but would be more comfortable if usb devices have no access to dom0 at all.

are they even exist ? never heard about it.

maybe try with ps/2 to usb, then attach wifi dongle, i’ve never tested it, so i don’t know if it would work.

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I found one here, but this was the only one i could find. So i guess they exist but are really rare.

And as i understand the description you have to install some software to use it, so this could also be tricky with qubes

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but… but… but…

The PS2 is preferred and meant to be more secure, because it is NOT wireless.

So whatever ‘cheat’ you do to make it wireless, you just exposed your dom0 to a very likely remotre exploit.

Okay yeah when i would have to ‘cheat’ something you’re right. but when there is a wireless ps/2 adapter that works out of the box with qubes, then why not?

Because it is not USB in the first place?

And PS/2 over utp is not an option for you?

Thanks i never heard of it. As soon as i figured out how excatly this works i’ll let you know

But is it wireless? Because it looks like i would still have to use a cable to connect keyboard and mouse to the computer

Of course it’s not wireless. It just overcomes distance barrier without security tradeoffs.

Really not sure if wireless adapter would work with Qubes, but I was always willing to throw away some bucks hoping for benefit. Someone has to be first, so good luck and please give us the feedback if you succeeded or not.