Wireless Mouse Clicks Don't Always Work

I’ve noticed the last few months or so, the left and right clicks on my mouse seems to get ‘deactivated’. I’m not sure the best word to use to describe it.

But, when I right-click a file within Nautilus to open up a menu, the menu then closes as if the Esc button was pressed to close it. Or, if I left-click “Copy To Other AppVM…” or “Delete Permanently” on the menu, the menu closes and nothing happens.

This doesn’t always happen but it feels like over half of the time. Also I have this problem with a couple different brand wireless mice. It just occurred to me the problem seems to apply only to Nautilus based on several different debian 12 minimal templates.

Any ideas (using latest OS4.1.2)?

It seems like the problem is resolved after today’s update. It used to be a problem 10% of the time and now after 50 tries, the problem is gone. thanks

Oh well. After a reboot, the glitch is back.

The problem was the Nautilus file manager. I switched to Thunar and have no issues with it.

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