Wireless mouse autoconnecting without being given access

Just wanted to check on this, I do not have the option to auto-accept mice enabled and I am having a mouse connect and work without being given access. Is there some reason a 2.4ghz reveiver would bypass needing to be given access? Is this a bug I should report or am I not aware of a reason this should be?

Do you have sys-usb qube?
Is your PCI USB controller to which you’re connecting your 2.4ghz receiver attached to dom0?
Are you asked to allow the mouse in dom0 when you unplug and plug again the 2.4ghz receiver in USB?

Yes, using sys-usb, no it is not asking, i can unplug and plug it in and it works everytime. No the usb controller is not connected to dom0, unless that is default I have not done that. Its the only external mouse that gets past everything like this.

Maybe it’s because of this:

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Interesting, I did allow keyboards so that would make sense. I just upgraded to 4.2 since posting this and it no longer allows the mouse to connect automatically, it requires approval. That being said there are two variables I changed, one is the clean install of 4.2 and the second is that I decided to not auto-accept USB keyboards this time. Now that I type that out it seems that it was likely changing the keyboard policy, not the upgrade to 4.2, but who knows

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